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A Trusted Lawyer For Murder And Violent Crime Charges

For nearly 40 years, Greg Gladden Attorney At Law has defended the rights of clients charged with murder and other violent crimes. Mr. Gladden has never lost a client to the executioner and he has represented thousands of criminal defense clients over his long career. People charged with assault, manslaughter, homicide and murder can trust Mr. Gladden to fight for them in the courtroom. His Houston law firm protects the rights of clients across Texas.

Mr. Gladden investigates all aspects of his clients’ cases and interviews everyone involved. This focus on the details allows him to find inconsistencies with the plaintiff’s case and create a personalized criminal defense strategy for his clients.

A Criminal Defense Lawyer With A History Of Success

Mr. Gladden has represented many high-profile clients charged with assault and murder across the United States. His commitment to protecting his clients not only allows him to defend them in the courtroom but also hold those involved in the criminal justice process accountable for their abuses of power.

Talk To Mr. Gladden In A Free Consultation

Mr. Gladden offers free consultations to review a potential client’s case and give them valuable information. He has Spanish translation services so people can communicate in their preferred language. Speaking with Mr. Gladden is the first step for clients to defend themselves from the potentially severe consequences of a violent crime conviction.

People can schedule a free consultation at Mr. Gladden’s office by calling 713-880-0333 or filling out the contact form. Se Habla Español.

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