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How dependent can you be on an eyewitness account?

It’s a distressing situation — you’re on trial for allegedly committing a crime. The prosecution calls an eyewitness to the stand. Your palms start to sweat. Surely, whatever this person says against you will condemn you, even if you’re innocent. Right?

Not necessarily. Eyewitness accounts are not always the most reliable forms of evidence. In fact, there are several factors that can skew an eyewitness’s testimony.

3 Possible defense strategies for a DWI charge

Your life can change drastically after a DWI conviction. Aside from the standard penalties such as costly fines, license suspension, jail time and DWI offender education programs, a DWI conviction can affect your personal relationships and professional life as well.

You may be feeling hopeless and powerless to stop a DWI conviction from impacting your life. However, fighting a DWI charge is possible. With a strong defense, you may receive reduced charges. You could even get those charges dropped altogether.

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