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Greg Gladden Attorney At Law is a tenacious and determined criminal defense lawyer for people throughout the Houston metropolitan area and across Texas. Mr. Gladden has defended over 2,500 criminal clients in state and federal court over his nearly 40-year career. He is effective counsel for complex criminal cases and he has never lost a client to the executioner.

Capable Defense Counsel For Many Types Of Criminal Charges

Mr. Gladden has represented clients with criminal charges across 14 different states and in a variety of state and federal courts. Mr. Gladden has guided significant cases to success and he works to get the best possible outcome for every client.

Mr. Gladden represents people facing many types of misdemeanors and felonies, including but not limited to:

Mr. Gladden is one of the few attorneys who understand the complex intersection of civil, criminal and admiralty laws used in federal civil forfeiture cases. He is aggressive counsel who will fight government overreach in forfeiture cases to get back his clients assets. Mr. Gladden has taught seminars sponsored by national, state and local criminal law organization to other attorneys about how to defend the rights of clients in these complex cases.

Criminal Law And Civil Rights Abuses

People charged with a crime can face many civil rights violations during their arrest and throughout their case. Mr. Gladden has decades of experience with these abuses and he fights to defend his clients’ rights. He will investigate all law enforcement actions in his clients’ cases and determine if there was police misconduct.

Free Initial Consultations For Criminal Defense Clients

Many people wonder how much their criminal case will cost to defend. Because the answer can vary, Mr. Gladden offers free consultations to review his clients’ case and explain how he can help. Even if a person chooses not to have Mr. Gladden represent their case, he gives them valuable information about the criminal justice process.

The momentum of a criminal case can quickly shift away from a defendant’s favor. Calling Mr. Gladden at the beginning of a case can prevent mistakes and he may even be able to have charges dismissed. To schedule a free consultation, call 713-880-0333 or send a message. Se Habla Español.

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