Significant Cases

  • Roger Leroy “Animal” Degarmo, who in 1980, being represented by different attorneys, swore that he would kill the jurors and their families if they did not sentence him to death. They did. 72 hours before the first execution date of March 1986, Mr. Gladden undertook the case. In August of 1992, after several execution dates, Degarmo was granted a new trial. In February of 1994, Mr. Gladden won a life sentence for Degarmo. Degarmo has been eligible for parole since 1999.
  • United States vs. Brissett was a case of first impression that expanded the definition of when a person is “legally” in the United States.
  • Allen vs. State limited the driver license “suspension” to the 60 or 90 days set out in the statute dealing with breath tests rather than the suspension being indefinite until DPS fees were paid.
  • Mr. Gladden has represented clients who have had up to six DWI cases and has won their cases for them.

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