A Perseverant DWI Defense Attorney

Greg Gladden Attorney At Law is a proven criminal defense lawyer who has successfully represented clients with up to six drunk driving charges. Mr. Gladden has 35 years of legal experience and has defended clients from criminal charges in 14 different states. He has a 97 percent jury trials not guilty verdict rate for clients charged with a DWI. Mr. Gladden defends DWI clients across Texas from his Houston office.

A Creative And Effective DWI Defense Lawyer

An arresting officer’s claim that a person operated a vehicle while intoxicated is just the officer’s opinion. Mr. Gladden will investigate all details involved in a DWI case and find the full story. Extenuating circumstances and eyewitness accounts found by Mr. Gladden can help the jury understand his client’s side of the story.

Mr. Gladden does not back down from a challenging case and he guides his clients through the entire criminal justice process. Mr. Gladden’s protects his clients’ rights and works to get them out of difficult situations.

Call A Seasoned Attorney For DWI Cases

Mr. Gladden can check the details of a person’s DWI case in a free consultation and give them information about what they can expect. His office also offers Spanish translation services.

Call 713-880-0333 or fill out the contact form to schedule a free consultation with Mr. Gladden. Se Habla Español.

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